All levels of Pilates Mat and Reformer classes, private Pilates and rehabilitation sessions, Dance Fit and Ballet workouts

Welcome to Pilates Centre, established by Vicky Stuart-Jones in 1999 and situated in a modern, spacious studio in central Hamilton.

We are a fully equipped Pilates Studio with Balanced Body equipment from USA and our staff are Polestar Pilates Pilates trained with many years experience.

Our rehab specialists are registered physiotherapists and certified Neurokinetic therapists

Girl doing pilates with a swiss ball

rehab (ACC)

Instructors at the Pilates Centre are experienced physiotherapists who are qualified to teach pilates for rehabilitation...


Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967). The exercises are based on 8 principles...

sessions / classes

All sessions/classes must be pre-booked and require 24hr notice of cancellation. Non attendance or late...

"Over the course of the training I have noticed a profound transformation in my posture, core strength, and improvement in my fitness and body shape. Feeling strong and pain-free has had a very positive effect on my general well-being also. Not only do I have improved physical resilience, my confidence and state of mind have improved immensely..."

Paula Allen - High School Teacher, Hamilton